Breastmilk Storage Guidelines


These guidelines are for milk expressed for a full-term healthy baby. If baby is seriously ill and/or hospitalized, discuss storage guidelines with baby’s doctor.

Please Note:

  • Refrigerated Milk (Store at back, away from door)
  • Frozen Milk (Do not refreeze! Store at back, away from door/sides)

Freshly Expressed Milk

Temperature Storage Time
Warm Room 80-90°F / 27-32°C 3-4 Hours
Room Temperature 61-79°F / 16-26°C 4-8 Hours
Insulated Cooler/Ice Packs 59°F / 15°C 24 Hours

Refrigerated Milk

Temperature Storage Time
Refrigerator (Fresh Milk) 32-39°F / 0-4°C 3-8 Days (Ideal: 72 Hours)
Refrigerator (Thawed Milk) 32-39°F / 0-4°C 24 Hours

Frozen Milk

Temperature Storage Time
Freezer compartment inside refrigerator (older-style) Varies 2 Weeks
Self-contained freezer unit of a refrigerator/freezer < 39°F / <4°C 6 Months
Separate deep freeze 0°F / -18°C 12 Months (Ideal: 6 Months)

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